Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Handler Caught on Video Throwing Luggage Off Airplane

If you’ve ever wondered how your luggage cracks, breaks or wheels fall off, then I think we have the answer. A reporter from Brisbane  named Vanessa Marsh posted a video on Twitter of a baggage handler tossing luggage out of a plane at Honolulu airport. The video shows a Hawaiian Airlines baggage handler can be seen throwing suitcases out of the airplane, causing some of the suitcases to bounce as they tumble down the chute.

Here’s the video:

Hawaiian Airlines has already apologized. “We’re very sorry to see this and appreciate you bringing it to our attention. The way these bags were handled is not acceptable and our Airport Operations Management team is addressing this situation. Thank you.”

Being a baggage handler is not an easy job, and sometimes you’re working under difficult conditions. But it looks like it’s taking more effort to throw luggage down the chute, than actually just placing them down.

HT: Insider

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