American Airlines Shreds Lugagge, Send Passenger $3,500 Check

An American Airlines passenger found her suitcase shred to pieces after a flight. Kristen Horabin and her husband arrived at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport on Sunday after a weekend getaway in Florida. Once they arrived at DFW, Horabin’s husband’s suitcase came out of the baggage carousel, but hers was taking too long (read this travel hack on how to get your luggage first). After waiting for a while, she notices her bag in a plastic bin at a different carousel and had been torn to shreds.

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“The suitcase was shredded,” Kristen told WFAA. “Most of the clothes that were left were shredded, and what was left was covered in black grease and toothpaste. There was a lot of toothpaste – it must have exploded on whatever impact there was. I’d say about 50 percent of my belongings were gone,” she said.

According to Kristen, she received no explanation about what happened and no empathy from American Airlines employees.

“I guess what I find so appalling is that, after it happened, someone gathered up what was left of my bag and my belongings and put them in the bin and sent it on its way,” she said. “The bag just popped up on the carousel with my destroyed belongings, or half of my destroyed belongings, heaped on top.”

Kristen says she was instructed to file a claim, which she immediately did.

However, American Airlines took action soon after. Within 24 hours of her report, they reached out to Horabin and apologized and told her they were sending her a $3,500 check for the damages and a $300 travel voucher. According to the airline spokesperson, the incident is being investigated. It appears the bag may have accidentally been caught on a piece of machinery during travel.

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  1. Bummer that she lost her bag and its contents, but American Airlines did the right thing, and very quickly too.

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