Like Shutterfly on Facebook, Get Free 8×11 Hardcover Photo Book

Like Shutterfly On Facebook And Get A Free 8×11 Hardcover Photo Book!

Just click “get your code” for a free 8×11 photo book. There are a limited amount of codes, so claim a code now while they last. You’ll have to order the book by 03/11. The code will work to get any 8×11 hardcover photo book for free, not just the wedding guestbook.

My wife always uses Shutterfly for vacation photo albums, and they do a great job. The regular price is still worth it in my opinion, but getting it for free and paying just $8.99 for shipping, is much much better. The hardcover version of the 8×11 photo book where you can put your own picture on the front and back covers is normally $39.99.  Currently the 8×11 photo book is on sale for $33.99, so you can also get $33.99 off larger photo books.

If you order $39 of other items from Shutterfly (or if you add a lot of extra pages to your book) you can get free shipping on the order with code:SHIP39

20 pages are included, extra pages are $1 each though may be discounted based on current promotions (currently 30% off 11×14 and 12×12 books, 20% off 10×10 books, and 15% off 8×11 books.)

HT to DansDeals

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