Kashi Settlement, Up To $27.50 For Those Who Qualify

This is a settlement regarding allegations against Kashi, claiming that they mislabeled items in order to persuade customers into buying their products.


Kashi continues to stand by its marketing and denies that the company did anything wrong. However, in addition to providing monetary compensation to Class Members, the company has also agreed to change its labeling practices by removing the “all natural” claims from Kashi products containing the GMO ingredients challenged in the Kashi class action lawsuit.

You are a member of this class only if you purchased any one of the Kashi products listed here between May 3, 2008 and Sept. 4, 2015 for personal or household use. California residents are excluded from this lawsuit. The only way for Class Members to participate in the Settlement is to complete and submit a Claim Form by January 19, 2016. If you do not submit a valid Claim Form by the deadline, you are not eligible to receive any cash payments from the Settlement.

Kashi will pay $3.99 million to be used to pay eligible claims of Kashi Class Members for the Kashi Products they purchased, pay notice and administrative costs, attorneys’ fees and expenses, and Class Representatives’ Service Awards.

I have bought Kashi cereal a few times in the past after seeing their commercials so I’ll file a claim myself.

Settlement Details

3 thoughts on “Kashi Settlement, Up To $27.50 For Those Who Qualify

  1. I may have blown it by posting two claims from the same household, but my checks were for 98 CENTS each. WTF???

    Any idea what the problem was here?

  2. I received my check today for not even half of 27.50 but it’s better than nothing since I’ve bought a lot of these.

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