Amazon Settles Audible Lawsuit, Will Give Out 12 Million Free Books

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Amazon Audible Lawsuit

Amazon has agreed to give 12 million free audiobooks to its customers to resolve an Audible membership credit class action lawsuit. The Audible class action lawsuit was filed back in March 2017, claiming that Audible wrongfully cheated their customers out of credits paid for as a part of their membership. As part of this Amazon Audible lawsuit, the company has not accepted any wrongdoing by settling the claims.

Who’s Eligible?

There are three Classes eligible for payment under the settlement. You are part of this settlement if between:

  • March 10, 2013 and August 17, 2018, lost any unredeemed Paid Membership Credits based on rollover or cancellation. A “Paid Membership Credit” means any credit received as part of a paid Audible membership but does not include a credit received for free, as part of a gift membership, or as a part of any action taken by Audible or Amazon customer service units in the ordinary course of business to address one or more customer complaints.
  • August 11, 2011 and August 17, 2018, purchased or redeemed an Audible Gift Membership that resulted in unredeemed Audible gift membership credits being lost.
  • March 10, 2013 and August 17, 2018, incurred charges from Audible to a credit or debit card other than the card originally designated as the primary payment card for the customer’s Audible membership.

Settlement Reward

Under the settlement, Class Members are not required to submit a claim in order to participate. Eligible individuals should receive an initial email informing them of the settlement. If the settlement is granted approval at the final approval hearing (July 8, 2019), Class Members will receive another email to claim their settlement award.

This is a chart that provides examples of how Audible will determine how many free audiobooks participating class members will be entitled to select:

How Credits Were Lost What the Class Member Gets
Lost 1 credit from rollover 1 free audiobook selection
Lost 3 credits from rollover and 1 credit from cancellation 2 free audiobook selection
Lost 1 credit from rollover, 1 credit from cancellation, and 1 credit as a Gift Member 3 free audiobook selections
Lost 5 credits from cancellation 2 free audiobook selections
Lost 3 credits from rollover and 2 credits from cancellation 3 free audiobook selections
Lost 1 credit from rollover, 3 credits from cancellation, and 1 credit as Gift Member 4 free audiobook selections

Settlement Details

  • No need to file claim
  • Rebate: Free audiobooks
  • Proof of Purchase Required: No
  • Settlement Pool: N/A
  • Filing Deadline: None
  • Read Settlement Details Here


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