K-Cup Settlement, Get Up to $36 If Eligible

K-Cup Settlement

K-Cup Settlement, Get Up to $36 If Eligible

A proposed settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit about the labeling and advertising of K-Cup single serving coffee pods labeled as recyclable. Plaintiffs allege that the packaging and advertising for these products misled consumers to believe that the Products were widely recyclable. Keurig denies all the Plaintiffs’ allegations, but is entering into this Settlement to avoid burdensome and costly litigation.

This K-Cup settlement is not an admission of wrongdoing by Keurig. The court has not decided who is right and who is wrong.

Check out the details of the settlement below and see how you can file a claim, if you are eligible to do so.

Who’s Eligible?

You are a member of the Class if you purchased K Cup single serving coffee pods labeled as recyclable in the United States for personal, family or household purposes during the time period from June 8, 2016, through August 8, 2022.

The following Persons are excluded from the Settlement Class: (a) Keurig; (b) Keurig’s Affiliates (as further defined in the Settlement), (c) the officers, directors, or employees of Keurig and its Affiliates and their immediate family; (d) any legal representative, heir, or assign of Keurig; (e) all federal court judges who have presided over this Action and their immediate family members; (f) the Hon. Morton Denlow (Ret.) and his immediate family members; (g) all Persons who submit a valid and timely Request for Exclusion from the Class; and (h) those who purchased the Challenged Products for the purpose of resale.

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Settlement Payout

Keurig will pay a total of $10 million in cash for payment of approved Class Member claims, certain notice and administrative costs, incentive awards to the named Plaintiffs, and attorneys’ fees and costs. If you purchased one or more Challenged Products, you are eligible to receive a Cash Payment. The amount to which you may be eligible will depend on the statements in your Claim Form.

A. No Proof of Purchase – $5 per Household

 If you elect to receive the Cash Payment and do not have any proof of purchase, such as a receipt, you may be eligible to receive $5 per Household.  

B. With Proof of Purchase – $36 Maximum Payment 

If you elect to receive the Cash Payment and have proof of purchase, you are eligible to receive $3.50 per 100 pods purchased. The maximum Cash Payment is $36 per Household. The minimum total payment is $6 if you have proof of purchase for your purchases.

Claim Forms must be submitted online or postmarked no later than January 9, 2023.

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K-Cup Settlement Details

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