List of Class Action Settlement Rebates

class action rebates

A class action lawsuit is a large scale lawsuit in which a group of people with similar injuries or damages caused by the same product or action file suit against the defendant. Some class action lawsuits ends up with a settlement, which is a resolution between disputing parties, and usually involves a monetary sum that is paid out to the group of people who filed suit. Sometimes it could be a check of just a few dollars, and other times you get a payout in the hundreds when you are eligible for one of these settlements.

So below you will find a list of class action settlements, ordered by the deadline to file a claim. Please read each settlement article carefully to see if you are eligible. Some settlements may require proof of purchase, and often eligible purchases have occurred years ago. In those cases you could use credit card statements as proof, or even better if you still happen to have emails or physical receipts. Also some settlements might apply to certain states only, and again, this is listed in the table to make it easier to find class action rebates that you are eligible for.

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List of Class Action Settlements

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