How To Get A $350 Xbox For $87 Using Amex Offers

Yesterday I wrote about a new Amex Offer that give you $75 (or 7,500 MR points) statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a minimum of $300+ in one or more transactions online at by 3/25/2017. This offer showed up on most of my personal cards so now I have 14 of these offers. What can I do with them?

Shawn at Miles to Memories posted about a great deal at Dell, using this offer. You can get a $350 Xbox for just $87. This is a 1 TB Xbox Ones that normally costs $349.99, but with a discount of $50 at Dell, you can get it for $299.99.

Then there’s another promotion. If you buy this console you will also get a $100 Dell Promo eGift card. The price is down to $199 (assuming full face value for the promo card).

That’s already a good price, but it gets even better with Amex Offer and cashback:

  • 3% back in Dell rewards
  • 10% cashback via Ebates
  • $75 back via the Amex Offer

At the end you paying just $87 before taxes. When tax is added, the price will go over $300 and it will trigger Amex Offer. I there’s no tax in your state, you’ll need to add a filler item, or use that remaining 1 cent on another purchase at Dell.

Dell is also selling the 500GB version for $249.99. See all options available.

Other Possibilities

This is just one of the possibilities of this Dell Amex Offer. Last time a similar offer was around late last year, I was able to resell a few laptops with great margins. I purchases two 11″ laptops and a 17″ laptop for around $930 during a sale and sold them on Amazon, with net profit of about $400. Most of that profit was due to 3 Amex Offers ($100 each) applied to the order.


So keep and eye out for sales at Dell this month if you have the Amex Offer on your accounts. There’s should be deals for resale or even great prices for personal use.

If you notice any deals, let me know in the comments.

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