Bad News for Gift Card Purchases at Kroger

If you have Kroger locations near you, then you probably buy lots of gift cards there for reselling and fuel points. You can even earn fuel points for gift card purchases online from them when they had deals. But the in-store purchases is where most of the profit is, or was. Kroger has now instituted some new rules that will make it more difficult to purchase large amounts of gift cards.

Gift Card Purchases at Kroger

Bad News for Gift Card Purchases at Kroger

Miles to Memories reports that these two changes have already gone into effect:

  • Gift card purchases are limited to $500 per transaction, down from $1999.99 or almost unlimited at customer service.
  • A limit of 6 swipes per credit card per day.
    • This has been in place for a while but it is much more important now.

These new restrictions basically limit you to $3,000 in purchases per card and even that is tedious. I don’t have any Kroger stores around me, but I’m sure it’s pretty bad news to those who do.

Let me know if you have tested this out in the last couple of days.

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