, Generate Free Virtual Credit Cards and Earn Up To 5% Cashback is a service that lets you create free virtual credit cards. This could help fight against credit card fraud. The service generates virtual credit card numbers for online shopping. It links and uses your checking account (via a US-based service called Plaid) to fund these purchases through the virtual cards. That means you have to give them your bank information. lets you create both repeated-use and single-use credit card numbers. The single-use numbers will self-destruct just two minutes after the first charge occurs.

free virtual credit cards

While this could be a safer option it also forfeits any credit card rewards that you might earn by using your actual credit cards. To counteract that, is adding cash back earning options, similar to a shopping portal. You will be able to earn 1% on all purchases and as much as 5% from select merchants. This works for any or all card numbers you generate from your account. The cash back is not yet active but it should be added soon. So we do not know what merchants will be eligible for the increased rates.

The cashback you earn comes in the form of Privacy credit, which you can spend using any Privacy generated card. So it’s not really cash, but could be as good as cash if you use their services.

You can sign up here with my referral. None of us earns anything as far as I know, so it might be wiser to just wait until they launch the cashback feature and maybe offer a signup bonus as well.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Free virtual credit cards could be useful if you are making online purchases at shady sites. Once the cashback feature is live, we’ll see if it makes sense to use them for more purchases.

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