Free Sam’s Plus Membership & $20 GC With Amex Offer, Up to $35 GC With MC Offer

Sam’s Club is offering a $20 gift card plus $100 worth in in instant savings when you sign up for their Plus membership and all you pay is $45. That is the price of their basic membership. Sam’s Plus membership costs $100. So you are getting a total of $220 worth for just $45.

Hurry  Join now  Free Pizza and Free Cookies


To get the offer, go here and enter your email. You will receive a coupon that can then be redeemed in-store.

Amex Offer

While that is a good offer, it can become great when combined with the current targeted Amex Offer. With that offer, you get a 1X $45 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend $45+ in a single transaction in-Club on a new Sam’s Club Membership at any Sam’s Club location in the 50 U.S. states by 9/30/16.

amex offers sam's club

So you don’t pay anything out of pocket at all, and you still get Sam’s Plus membership, the $20 gift card and the $100 in savings. HT: DoC

Mastercard Offer For Renewals

If you’re a current member then you can’t take advantage of this offer, but you can use another offer by Mastercard. With this offer you get $35 Sam’s Club gift card when you join or renew as a Sam’s Plus member, or $20 Sam’s Club gift card when you join or renew as a Sam’s Savings or Sam’s Business member.

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To receive this offer you need to print it and present it at a Member Services Desk at your local club, along with a Mastercard that should be used for the membership fee.

This offer is valid through December 31, 2016.


3 thoughts on “Free Sam’s Plus Membership & $20 GC With Amex Offer, Up to $35 GC With MC Offer

  1. I bit and got it taken care of today. This was my second membership (old one ended last summer). It did however take me over half an hour and the girl I think screwed up on my membership, leaving me with no upgrade. Had to have a manager come over for the third time in the process to get it squared away and fix the upgrade issue.

    Anyone who is a Costco member would REALLY notice a significant drop off in quality of service at Sams. Both in perishables as well as customer service. Maybe its YMMV but everyone I’ve talked to virtually agrees they’re a poor mans Costco.

    I’m still waiting on the amex offer (duh) but what is mildly discouraging is I didn’t receive the Congrats you’ve used …” email for triggering the offer. Maybe it requires it to post to your account so they can determine if its a purchase or if its a new membership? Either way, I’ll have to keep an eye on that.

    All in all, for a free $20gc (BBQ burgers on you Sams), pizza, salad and cookies who am I to say no? Sure, I wasted half an hour of my life at the counter but I’m sure the membership will come in handy at least once or twice like it did last year.

    • Thanks for the details info. I wanted to sign up when the Amex offer came out, but never got around to it.

      I always thought Sam’s Club was a step higher than Costco, but then again I have yet to step into a Sam’s Club. Sucks that you had to be there for half hour.

  2. Good stuff. I have the amex offer on a few cards. This is probably the best combo I’ve seen for new sams members

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