Flushing Bank Business Checking, Get $200 Bonus Plus Up To $1,250 Gift And $25 Referral

Flushing Bank is once again offering a bonus on new business checking accounts. This time around you can get a sign-up bonus of $200 plus a free gift, depending on your opening deposit and balance in the account. The free gift could be worth up to $1,250. You can also get a $25 referral bonus, making this a potential $1,475 bonus.

$200 Business Checking Bonus

flushing bank bonus

Receive a $200 sign up bonus when you open a Flushing Bank Complete Business Checking account. The bonus comes in two parts:

  • $100 for 5 debit card purchases of $25 or more within 60 days
  • $100 for 5 online banking bill-payments of $25 or more within 60 days


The offer is available in NY and NJ only.

Existing business checking account customers are not eligible. An existing checking customer is defined as anyone who currently has or has had a Flushing Bank checking account within the last 24 months.


The Complete Business Checking account doesn’t have any monthly fees.

Must keep account open for 6 months to avoid early termination fees.

Receive A Free Gift, Up To $1,250 In Value

A minimum opening deposit of $15,000 is required in the Complete Business Checking account to qualify for the Value Program gift. The gift tier is based on the 90-day average balance of the new Complete Business Checking account. The minimum 90-day average is $15,000 to qualify for the minimum gift tier. This is on top of the $200 bonus above.

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Tier 1 

$225 Gift Value with $15,000 – $25,000 90-day average balance.

Choice of:

  • Samsung 7″ Wifi Tablet Bundle

Tier 2

$400 Gift Value with $25,001 – $75,000 90-day average balance.

Choice of:

  • 32″ HDTV 1080p with Streaming Player
  • Lens Style Digital Camera
  • Brand name 2-Speed Blender

Tier 3

$750 Gift Value with $75,001 – $150,000 90-day average balance.

Choice of:

  • $750 Visa gift card
  • Apple Tablet Bundle
  • Sport Motion Smart Watch
  • The Ultimate Drone Package

Tier 4

$1,250 Gift Value with $150,001+ 90-day average balance.

Choice of:

  • $1,250 Visa gift card
  • High End Espresso Coffee Center
  • Home Theater Package
  • 27″ Spinner Trunk and Leather cargo Duffle

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$25 Referral Bonus

Current customers and referred friends can also get a $25 bonus each for new accounts. The new customer only need to give the name and phone number of the person referring him, as they appear in his Flushing Bank account. If you don’t have anyone to refer you, you can email me for referral information from our reader.

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Guru’s Wrap-Up

This is great business bonus that can be maxed out at a total bonus of $1,475. The $200 sign-up bonus is the easiest part and you could also get the $25 referral bonus if you know a current customer.

Then the gift depends on the amount of money that you can deposit and keep in the account for 90 days. If you’re going for cash, then Tier 3 could be your best option if you have $75K laying around. You get a $750 Visa gift card, which is a great 4% return.

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