Activate Discover Q3 2019 Bonus Categories, 5% at Restaurants & PayPal

You can now activate the Q3 bonus categories offers for the Discover it credit card. With the Discover Q3 2019 bonus categories you can earn 5% at Restaurants and PayPal from July 1 to Sep 30, 2019. That’s up to $1,500 in purchases for those three months.

You can now see and activate the offer here. It shouldn’t be a problem maximizing the spending for the second quarter for most people in these categories.

As a reminder, right now you earn 5% at gas stations, Uber and Lyft during the second quarter, until June 31st.

If you don’t have the Discover It card, you can sign up here (not the best offer we have seen recently). On top of that, all cash back is doubled for the first year, even the 5% quarter bonuses. So, that actually makes it 10% at eligible categories for a year.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

PayPal was a great addition to the Discover Q3 2019 bonus categories. That should help maximize the spending for those three months. Activate the offer now so you don’t forget.

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