Discover Double Cash Back Offer Extended Till 12/30

Discover’s Double Cash Back promotion was supposed to end today but it has been extended until the end of the year. This is the second time that they extend the promo which was originally scheduled to end in July. I missed this somehow.

Discover It

There used to be a $150 sign up bonus for the It card, but now with a referral link you get $50 after first purchase (doubled in a year), and I get $50 as well. You can also use a referral from your friends and family.

The Double Cash Back promotion will double any cash back that you earn during your first year of card membership and you’re supposed to get a lump sum of of the doubled amounts at the end of the year. This includes cash back earned on purchases, cash back from Discover Deals, referrals and sign up bonuses. Even the cash back earned with the Apple Pay promo will be doubled and that is a nice chunk of money.

The extension until the end of the year might be important for people who have a Discover card but want to get a second. You can only open your second Discover card (even the same one) after having the first for at least 12 months, if you do make 12 month before the end of the year then you can get the Double Cash Back promo on the second card as well. You can’t have more than two Discover cards.

If you’re eligible to get the card you should get it as soon as possible so you have time to max out the Apple Pay promo before it end at the end of the year. Keep in mind that Discover updated their terms on 9/18, adding that gift cards are not eligible for the 10% cash back with Apple Pay but that same kind of wording is in many other promos and cards that still pay out for gift cards. Read more here about the devices that qualify and the promo details.

The best way to maximize the Apple Promo deal is to buy items that you would buy anyway, but from stores that accept Apple Pay. If you can’t reach that $10,000 threshold, then do the rest in gift cards.

Here’s a list of stores that accept Apple Pay. The Mastercard Nearby app will also give you a longer list. You should still check other stores and look for the Apple Pay logo since the list is not up to date. Let us know if you find any stores not listed there.

Keep in mind that you can also earn 5% Cashback Bonus on up to $1,500 in purchases at Amazon, Department Stores, and Clothing Stores from October in the fourth quarter of 2015. This is also doubled.

So there’s many ways to get creative with the Double Cash Back Promo, the Apple Pay 10% cash back promo and the quarterly bonus categories from Discover.

Discover it® Cash Back Card

Get a $100 Statement Credit after you apply and make your first purchase within 3 months of being approved. Earn 5% cash back on rotating quarterly categories. (Apply for Discover it Miles instead)

6 thoughts on “Discover Double Cash Back Offer Extended Till 12/30

  1. DISCOVER IT: The BEST CREDIT CARD OFFER EVER! I just applied a little over a month ago, and it has just being PERFECTION! Amazing top-of-the line customer service, and the offers and promotions are just to good to be truth… but THEY ARE!

    I applied on August 2015; I live in NJ; they used EXPERIAN. At that time CK my Credit Score on TU: 754, EQUIFAX: 753. On was 788 and VantageScore 763. The credit inquiry lowered my score by 6 points. But that doesn;t concern me since that is expected, and obviously it will be increasing as time goes by. It took about just 10 seconds to be approved with a 10.5K credit limit. Ohh and in my case the APR after the 0% intro rate for 12 months, will be the lowest 10.99%… Just amazing! Service is just exceptional! I never take the time to write feedbacks, but I figured I had to, because this is just excellent. If you wish to apply, please use my link in order for both of us to get $50 cashback!!!

    Please NOTE: If you do NOT apply using a referral link, you will NOT get the $50 cashback.

    My referral link:

    Let’s break things out for a minute… All the benefits Discover It is offering:

    * $50 cash back once approved AND make your 1st purchase within 3 months, using a Referral link to apply to the Discover It Card (mine:
    * $50 cash back for up to 10 referrals EACH CALENDAR YEAR
    * 10% cash back using Apple Pay on Up to $10K in store purchases until 12/31/2015
    * Up to 5% cash back depending on type of purchase (changes quarterly)
    * DOUBLE CASH BACK after the first 12 consecutive billing periods that your new account is open (it does not matter if you redeem the cash back during the year, Discover will DOUBLE it at the end of those 12 months!!!) Thus that Apple Pay becomes 20% cash back!!! Keep in mind it does NOT applies to Gift Cards for obvious reasons.
    * Intro 0% APR for 12 billing periods
    * NO annual Fee

    Full details at:

    Reply if you have any questions. Endless blessings to you!

    Kind regards,

  2. A tip for those using Apple Pay

    If the cashier asks for the last 4 digits of the card for security reasons like they do as Staples, make sure you don’t use the last 4 of the actual Discover card.

    Apple Pay generates a “virtual” card number as a security feature so look in the Wallet app to find that number. DO NOT give them the last 4 of the actual card.

  3. the apple pay thing can be crazy profitable but is also a bit tricky. it’s not sure if they can see that you’re buying gcs and even if they do, what happens then?

    the added the exclusion of gift cards on the second day of the apple promo which indicates that they are very aware of the potential danger and might be planning to crack down on it.

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