Discover Double Cash Back Promo Extended Till 9/30

You probably have heard by now about the Discover Double Cash Back promo and if you haven’t then you’re probably new to this blog or to the hobby. You can read about it here. Until June 24th the promo was available to existing and new customers, but now it is for the new ones alone.

Discover It

Even for new customers the promo was set to end today but it has been extended for two more months till September 30th. So if you’ve been thinking about applying but have been waiting for the next round of applications, then you might be in luck. There’s currently a $50 sign up bonus by using a referral link (this is mine) which gets doubled.

Discover previously offered a $150 sign up bonus, but that will probably not come back anytime soon with all the signups they’ve been getting due to the Double Cash Back promo. Some people have also been receiving targeted offers in the mail, with the same promo, but with an expiration date of January 2016.

With the extension, some current cardholders might be able to apply for a second Discover card if they make a year with the previous card. This way they can get the bonus on the new card. If you already applied and have the Discover It card with the Double Cash Back promo, you can refer friends and family members and you and the family member will both get $50. And that will be doubled for both parties.

You can read more about how to take advantage of the current quarterly bonus category and also about a few tricks with the very valuable portal Discover Deals that is available to Discover cardholders. They did remove some benefits but this is still one of the hottest cards right now.

Discover it® Cash Back Card

Get a $100 Statement Credit after you apply and make your first purchase within 3 months of being approved. Earn 5% cash back on rotating quarterly categories. (Apply for Discover it Miles instead)

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