Credit Card Funding No Longer Available For CitiGold

Citi has some great offers for their CitiGold Checking account such at these recent ones that offered 40K TYP or 50K AA miles. What made these offers even greater was the ability to fund these accounts with a credit card up to $100,000. This is almost like a second signup bonus for most people with a card with a high CL.


Now it looks like the fun is over. Citi has stopped accepting credit card funding for their checking and savings accounts as of yesterday.

There’s also reports of Citi shutting down many credit card accounts, and many of those accounts look to be involved in MS. I checked mine and I haven’t been shutdown. What’s worse is the explanation that Citi is giving people, “Pursuant to our Card Agreement, we have the right to close your account at our discretion anytime without prior notice. We have chosen to exercise this right”. Simple as that.

Not a fun new year in the MSing world.

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