Costco is Refunding Annual Memberships for MoviePass

If you have a MoviePass subscription, it might be time to cut your losses before the price increase. The app crashed last week and many people are finding it hard to see any movies at theaters near them. Canceling you subscription is easy if you’re paying monthly. But many people have purchased a 1-year membership to MoviePass and haven’t been able to get the promised value out of it.

costco moviepass refund

Those who purchased the annual subscription from Costco are in luck. The wholesale club has a great return policy and they’re extending it to those who purchase an annual membership to MoviePass. You can ask for a refund through chat and there’s many datapoints already showing that Costco is willing to give you a refund or at least a partial one.

For those who didn’t purchase from Costco, a chargeback seems like the best option, if you are not getting the promised value out of MoviePass.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Great customer service from Costco. They are probably taking a hit for this, but they do charge an annual fee for the service they provide and this is one of the perks of paying that annual fee.

Let me know if you are a MoivePass subscriber and if you plan on sticking with it.

5 thoughts on “Costco is Refunding Annual Memberships for MoviePass

  1. My husband and I purchased two movie pass cards from Costco and paid in full. Since that time numerous problems have arose and certain theatres. These problems consistent of: inability to check in, the movie we wanted to see was unavailable, “the system was down”, inability to contact anyone to solve the problem. How do I get a refund from Costco? I understand that Costco is willing to do that.
    Thank you very much Dolly

  2. I am a MoviePass annual subscriber. CostCo has allowed me to receive 1/2 my MP fee. I don’t like MP controlling the movies I can watch AND the times I can watch them.

  3. I am in annual plan and subscription through
    MoviePass doesn’t offer prorated refunds if I cancel annual subscription while still in term.
    It will be waste even if I cancel and I have used it for only 4 months.
    What are other options available?

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