Coronavirus Latest: Colleges Refuse Refunds, Banks Can Seize Checks, TP Hoarder Asks for Refund, More People Paying Rent with CC

Coronavirus Latest News

Coronavirus Latest News

Instead of blasting you with coronavirus (COVID-19) news every hour, I’m putting together a roundup of news that I come across during the day. Here you can read about colleges who are refusing to refund tuition, stimulus checks seized for debt, TP hoarder refused refund, Southwest becomes largest airline, more people paying rent with credit cards and more.

Colleges Refuse Refunds During School Closures

Even though students will no longer be living on campus, utilizing campus amenities or service or eating in the school cafeteria, many colleges and universities are not offering any refunds for tuition or room and board.

Will your stimulus check get seized?

If you’re behind on your debts, your coronavirus stimulus check could be taken from you. The $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus legislation passed by Congress does not prevent private debt collectors from seizing the money for unpaid debts.

Man Who Bought $10,000 Worth of Toilet Paper and Hand Sanitizer Denied Refund

A man in Australia who purchased around $10,000 worth of toilet paper and hand sanitizer was recently denied a refund by a supermarket owner.

Southwest Becomes The World’s Largest Airline

Southwest is leading the pack with a weekly capacity of 4.1 million. American is second but with just 2.78 million. Delta is third with 1.4 million, and United has 1.31 million. Behind the US airlines are the Chinese with China Southern and China Eastern offering just over 1 million seats per week each.

Most cases aboard U.S. aircraft carrier are symptom-free

The Navy’s testing of the entire 4,800-member crew of the aircraft carrier – which is about 94% complete – was an extraordinary move in a headline-grabbing case that has already led to the firing of the carrier’s captain and the resignation of the Navy’s top civilian official. Roughly 60 percent of the over 600 sailors who tested positive so far have not shown symptoms of COVID-19, the potentially lethal respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus, the Navy says

Out-of-Work Apartment Tenants Putting Monthly Rent on Plastic

The number of tenants paying rent with a credit card during the first week of April rose 30% compared with the same period in March, according to Zego Inc., a company that processes more than two million rent payments a month.

Latest Coronavirus Numbers

And here is a screenshot of the latest numbers in the United States and how it compares to other countries around the world.

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