Profitable Coin Deal from PFS Buyers Club – Make $100+

Coin Deal from PFS Buyers Club

Profitable Coin Deal from PFS Buyers Club

Update: You can make a $113 profit now

PFS Buyers Club has a new profitable coin deal that can make you $100 or more. Unlike most deals they run, this requires a small investment.


Next week Thursday, November 14th – at 12:00PM ET the US Mint will release a limited edition “American Eagle 2019 One Ounce Silver Enhanced Reverse Proof” Coin.

There is a limit of one (1) coin per household. The cost of each coin will be $65.95. After including the $20.95 shipping charge (for required overnight shipping), each order’s total will be $86.90.

You will have the box shipped to your own house or office and then ship them to PFS Buyers Club with a prepaid FedEx shipping label that they will provide to you.

You will get paid $187.00 $200 – for a profit of $100.10 $113/10 per order. They are also saying that the compensation might be increased, based on demand. That would be an added bonus.

PFS Buyers Club

You need to sign up for PFS Buyers Club first and then register for the current deal. Only register if you are able to purchase at the release time and you plan to sell the coins to PFS Buyers Club.

Is it Legit?

I have done a few of these deals myself. The process is pretty easy as long as you follow the steps they provide on their website, or by email. You sign up for the deal, be ready to purchase once it goes live, by your coins and then ship them to PFS Buyers Club. Once they receive it, you get paid right away. Sometimes they even offer drop off service in Brooklyn for those who are in the NYC area.

From my understanding, they just want these coins for reselling. If you are knowledgeable in this field, you could probably do better yourself by selling the coins on eBay or elsewhere. However, I haven’t tried that myself. I just buy them and ship them to PFS Buyers Club.

Guru’s Wrap-up

This deal is a good opportunity for those that might have seen these kind of offers in the past, but have been reluctant to try it. It’s usually much more expensive coins, around $1,000. And with that kind of out of pocket expense it is scary to just send coins away to some people that you don’t know.

This new deal requires only a $87 purchase for a profit of $100 or more. That’s less credit card points, but better return for your money. And yes, use a card that earn at least 2% or more, or a card that you might need to put some spend on.

PFS Buyers Club

Let me know if you have done these deals in the past, or if you are thinking of doing this one.

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