Closing Citi Hilton Cards? You Might Get 5K Points For Keeping It (YMMV)

As you probably already know, Citi Hilton cards will soon be converted tp Amex cards since American Express is becoming the exclusive credit card issuer for Hilton starting in 2018. Some people might not want to switch over, since getting an Amex Hilton card will likely disqualify you for a bonus in the future and American Express also limits the number of cards you can have with them. You’re only allowed 4 or 5 credit cards in total, not counting charge cards.

closing citi hilton

DoC reports that Citi has been offering some people who have called in, a bonus of 5,000 Hilton points to keep the card instead of closing it. This is obviously not a huge bonus, maybe worth $20-$25. But, if it doesn’t make a big difference to you if you keep it or close it, then it might be worth calling in to get the bonus. Just say you want to cancel and hopefully they offer you the points.

Seems like the 5,000 bonus points will post after the next billing cycle.

3 thoughts on “Closing Citi Hilton Cards? You Might Get 5K Points For Keeping It (YMMV)

  1. When we called in to close ours, it was an automated line. We didn’t even talk to a real person. You would most likely have to ask to speak to a person.

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