Sign Up for CLEAR, Get $75 Uber Credit

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Sign Up for CLEAR, Get $75 Uber Credit

Update: This CLEAR Uber offer is available again. New link has been added below (HT: DoC).

CLEAR has a new promotion that will get you a $75 Uber credit when you sign up. CLEAR costs $189 (up from $179) per year. So this promotion only makes sense for those who have the Amex Platinum, or Amex Business Platinum cards. You will have the full fee refunded and you get the $75 credit. There’s also an Amex Offer for 50% back on purchases up to a total of $95.

You can see the promotion here. CLEAR is currently only available to US citizens and legal permanent residents 18 and older with a valid government-issued photo ID.

You don’t have to go to the airport to finish the signup process in order to get the $75 Uber credit, which makes this easier. Gets even better for those who have multiple Amex Platinum cards.

Uber Vouchers are valid until 12/31/2022. Amex Offer expires on 8/23/2022.

Guru’s Wrap-up

We have seen several promotion from CLEAR, offering bonuses for signing up. But currently this Uber offer is the best available to everyone looking to sign up for CLEAR, or just looking to use the Amex Platinum CLEAR credit. United MileagePlus Premier members can get 15,000 miles.

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