Cleaning Products Settlement, Get $1 Per Product

What’s This Settlement About

This lawsuit involves certain METHOD and ECOVER branded products. The Settlement resolves litigation over whether the Defendant allegedly violated state and federal laws regarding labeling, marketing, and advertising of these products.

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Who’s Eligible?

The Settlement Class includes all persons and entities who, from August 1, 2010 to April 27, 2017, both resided in the United States and purchased in the United States any of the METHOD and ECOVER branded products for use and not for resale.

What Products Are Included?

The eligible METHOD and ECOVER branded products in the Settlement include, but are not limited to, personal care products, dishwashing products, laundry products, and household products. For a full list of eligible METHOD and ECOVER branded products in the Settlement, please click here.

How Much Do I Get?

The Settlement provides for the establishment of a Settlement Fund with a value of $2,800,000.00.

You may claim up to eight Products total under this Section without proof of purchase. You may receive $1.00 per unit, or more or less depending upon how many claims are actually submitted, without limitation.

Class Members who timely submit valid Claim Forms are entitled to receive a cash payment from the Settlement Fund. You must submit a claim by 04/27/2017.

Settlement Details


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