My Pillow Class Action Settlement, Up To $10 Rebate

If you purchased one or more products bearing the labeled brand name My Pillow between April 26, 2012 and October 13, 2016 you are eligible for a refund. This lawsuit is about whether the marketing, packaging, and sale of the My Pillow products was appropriate. The parties reached an agreement to avoid the time and expense associated with further litigation.

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Settlement Class members who submit a timely and complete claim form will receive $5. Settlement Class members who purchased three or more My Pillow products during their initial purchase of My Pillow products can submit their original purchase receipt showing the purchase of three or more My Pillow products and seek an additional payment of up to $5, based on the number of such Settlement Class Members who submit a claim form.

To qualify for a payment under the settlement, you must submit a claim form no later than December 26, 2016.

Please don’t file fraudulent claims. There were a few comments on another settlement post where people received emails asking for more information after their claims were flagged as fraudulent. Look through the list of eligible list of products and only file a claim if you’ve purchased any of them.

Settlement Details


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