2 thoughts on “[Expired] Citi Checking, $200/$500/$600 Bonus Available Nationwide

  1. I opened new accounts under the Citi $400 offer. If you think this is free money, think again. They make you WORK for it! The first thing I noticed was that their accounts site is not very user-friendly. Difficult to navigate even for a person like myself who is very internet experienced. The transfer process (funding the accounts) was complicated and took longer than I expected. Now that the $15k is finally showing IN my Citi Checking, I wish to fulfill the other oblilgation for the bonus, and that is to have a minimum of $100 in the savings. Site would not let me transfer the measly $100 WITHIN my own Citi accounts! Called. Found out my saviings account is BLOCKED. What? So now I have to go through “New Accounts” dept (when they open for the day) to hopefully get it UNBLOCKED so I can make the silly transfer, otherwise I will be denied the bonus based on the fact that my savings account is not funded as required. Oh and all this must be completed within a time-constraint otherwise you default on the qualifications and don’t get the bonus.
    Can’t help but wonder if Citi “blocks” your account in an attempt to drag things out so they can deny you the bonus, once they have your money.
    I will be keeping the money in Citi ONLY until I have the $400 bonus. Not happy!

    • Wow that’s crazy. You do not have a branch nearby? And thanks for the detailed info. Definitely something to keep in mind for those who prefer painless bonuses.

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