10 thoughts on “[Expired] Citi Checking, $200/$500/$600 Bonus Available Nationwide

  1. Do you have the Citibank promo code for this offer?

    I applied for the $500 option–opened a checking & savings account on Aug-17, transferred $15k & established direct deposit. Only now, over a year later, did I realize that they never posted the bonus.

    Their escalation process is incredibly frustrating: you first spend about an hour with a rep (done that twice), they raise a ticket, and a few days later you get a letter back in your account’s messaging center online.

    The first time around the guy on chat said he found the promo, but a few days later letter said that the promo only started in Oct 2019 and therefore my account was open outside of eligibility dates & did not qualify.

    The second time I spent more time on the phone & escalated to a manager, who said he found a promo roughly matching dates & details (except it was Aug-Oct, not Jul-Sep), but the letter a few days later said my account was not the right type to qualify for te promo.

    Obviously both times they got the wrong promo. I had responded to a mailed flyer and did not scan it–something I usually do to avoid this kind of issues, but didn’t think it would be a necessary precaution with a reputable bank. Now I’m stuck. I explain every time how ludicrous it would have been to post an exact amount matching the promo & set up a minimal direct deposit if I wasn’t taking advantage of the promo, and they’re always very understanding, but because a different department looks into details later, I don’t see how I can even win this.

  2. I had accounts previously with Citibank does that mean I am not eligible.“Eligible Customers” are New-to-Citibank Customers.

    • In the past, the bonus had this language in the terms “Not eligible if you’ve been an owner of a a Citibank checking or savings account within the last 180 calendar days”. That’s no longer in there, but to be safe would be best to still comply. Otherwise, as long as you’re not a customer currently, you should be ok.

  3. Do you need a code to open accounts? I was trying to find more out about the 2.36% Accelerate Savings account, but his might be better in the long run or to do this first and then switch it to the other savings. Haven’t done too much of this and want to make sure I am doing it correctly. TY

      • 2.36% Citi Accelerate Savings Account. When I read about some of the other high interest accounts, it seems like people are having some trouble with getting their money or transferring if other offers become available…..I was thinking about combining the 2.36% ASA offer with the $500. I only have Social Security Direct Deposit and hate to switch that over for a short period of time. Is there another way? Thank you.

          • ? The last line..Is there a way to do a direct deposit? So it’s $500 PLUS AN ADDITIONAL $100 FOR DIRECT DEPOSIT FOR 2 MONTHS? TY! “The second offer gives you less, just $500, but requires a deposit of $15,000 within the first 30 days and you need to keep the money in the account for at least 60 days. You then need to have only a balance of 10,000 in your account to waive a $25 monthly fee. You also get an extra $100 when you complete one qualifying direct deposit each month for two consecutive months. That’s why this is probably the best offer.”

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