Children’s Place Gift Cards Hacked! Do Not Buy Them And Also Check Balances

If you are into gift cards reselling the you could have recently bought Children’s Place gift cards. There’s been several sales in the last few months, and one still going on for a 20% discount. Do not buy! There’s many reports recently that these gift cards have been drained and have zero balances. The affected gift cards seem to be $50 denominations purchased from February to April of this year from GiftCardMall, PPDG and Newegg.

What to Do?

I have yet to find a solution. I have called a few numbers but I have yet to get anyone than is able to do anything about it. I need to call back and speak to managers. ere’s some numbers that you can try:

  • 877-752-2387 Children’s Place Customer Service
  • 855-793-8449 Children’s Place Gift Card Service Department
  • 844-217-4797 GiftCardMall
  • 800-501-3232 Listed on back of the card
  • 855-793-8451 Listed on back of the card

You can also contact them by email or send them messages on twitter.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

I had two $50 gift cards that had a $0 balance. I purchased them during this promotion that I posted here on the site on 4/11/2018. I have yet to find a solution, so I would strongly suggest to steer clear of Children’s Place gift cards for now. It’s not worth the hassle.

Were you affected? Let us know where and when you purchased and if you have resolved the issue.

2 thoughts on “Children’s Place Gift Cards Hacked! Do Not Buy Them And Also Check Balances

    • I haven’t had it resolved yet, but read a few data points that calling and talking to supervisor will get you replacement cards. Takes a while but at least works.

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