Via Introduces ‘Shared Taxi’ With 40% Discount

Via has partnered with Curb to bring the iconic yellow cab into the ridesharing age with Via Shared Taxi!

Starting today, Via users will have the option to book a Shared Taxi ride within the Via app (in addition to a regular Via). You’ll get a 40% discount off the metered fare for any portion of your trip that is shared.

How It Works

  • Request a ride through the Via app; if our algorithm finds a nearby available taxi, you’ll see a new booking option: Shared Taxi. No more hailing cabs from the curb!
  • Just like any other Via, the Shared Taxi will pick you up on a nearby street corner.
  • Shared Taxi fares are calculated using the meter. If we find another party headed your way, we’ll seamlessly match you and you’ll save 40% on any shared portions of your trip!
  • No cash necessary! You’ll pay and tip directly through the app. A default tip of $1 will apply to each Shared Taxi ride. You can adjust the tip amount any time before your dropoff.


  • New York
    • Manhattan south of 125th St, Williamsburg/Greenpoint/Downtown Brooklyn and LIC; JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark Airports.
  • Chicago
    • Ride weekdays, 6am to midnight, and weekends from 9am to midnight, anywhere in our downtown Chicago zone and to O’Hare and Midway Airports.
  • Washington DC
    • Ride weekdays from 7am to 9pm, anywhere between Georgetown, Cleveland Park, and Columbia heights down to H St. and Capitol Hill.

Sign Up Bonus

You can sign up by downloading the Via App (Android or iOS). You can use my referral code”danny7r4” to get $10 of ride credit (i’ll get the same). You can then refer friends yourself. When your friend signs up with your code, they’ll start off with $10 of Ride Credit, and you’ll get $10 too, once they take their first ride.

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