Chase Adds Application Fee Credit for NEXUS to Premium Cards

chase nexus fee credit

Chase Premium Cards Now Get Free NEXUS Benefit

Chase launched the Aeroplan credit card earlier this month. The card has some great benefits a good signup bonus. One things that stands out is the NEXUS application fee credit. NEXUS is a Trusted Traveler program that allows pre-screened travelers expedited processing when entering the United States and Canada.

We normally see premium credit cards offering a free credit for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry, but the Chase Aeroplan card was the first to offer it for NEXUS.

Now Chase is expanding this benefit to other credit cards. Chase cards that already offer Global Entry and TSA PreCheck application fee credits, are now showing NEXUS fee reimbursement as a benefit as well. These cards offer up to $100 in reimbursement for one of these three programs every four years.

Chase is not advertising NEXUS as a benefit on the other cards besides Aeroplan just yet. But if you have Chase credit card that already offers a Global Entry or TSA PreCheck credit, you’ll likely see NEXUS listed as well in the card’s benefits section in your online Chase account.

NEXUS members use dedicated processing lanes at designated northern border ports of entry, NEXUS kiosks when entering Canada by air and Global Entry kiosks when entering the United States via Canadian Preclearance airports. NEXUS members also receive expedited processing at marine reporting locations. NEXUS includes benefits of Global Entry and TSA PreCheck but you can only apply for it at limited locations in Northern US and Canada.

NEXUS is cheaper than the other two programs as well. There’s an application-processing fee of US $50 per adult applicant. Children under the age of 18 must also apply and, if eligible, are admitted to the program free of charge.

Eligible Chase Cards

These are the Chase premium cards that get you free Global Entry, TSA PreCheck or NEXUS:

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