Does Chase Match Bank Account Bonuses?

Chase Match Bank Bonuses

Does Chase Match Bank Account Bonuses?

Chase is currently offering a best ever $900 bonus for opening a new checking and savings account. If you are eligible, you should definitely go for it.

But when this new bonus popped up, those who did the $600 bonus recently started wondering if Chase would match account bonuses. The bank usually matches credit card bonuses if you applied up to 90 days prior. But Chase will also match better account bonuses.

For checking and savings account bonus, Chase is not as generous. They only match offers if you have opened your account within the last 21 days (HT: Simon). 

We understand the importance of your inquiry and appreciate you taking your time out and writing to us. The offer is applicable to accounts opened in the last 21 days. Every promotion offer is associated with a Coupon Code that must be added to an account within 21 days of account opening, after which it is no longer valid.

You can reach out to Chase by phone or online message to ask them to match this offer. Even if a rep says that you’re not eligible, just hang up and call again. You can also go to branch to do this, if you have one nearby.

Guru’s Wrap-up

Chase does match bank bonuses, so if you have applied within the last 21 days with the $600 offer, reach out for an extra $300.

If you don’t have a Chase account, you should know that these bonuses don’t last through the expiration date. So I suggest you claim a code now by entering you email, and you can then apply before April 19th. Even if you have an account, you can close it today and then open it after 90 days (but before April 19). You’ll get the bonus, assuming you haven’t received one from Chase in the last two years.

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