Check Your Chase Accounts! Others Might Have Accessed It

JPMorgan Chase suffered a glitch last night that gave some customers logging in online, access to other clients’ accounts instead of their own. Not only could some people access other accounts, but they could also perform transactions and see personal info on those accounts. That’s some scary stuff, for someone to have full access to your account, especially if you have large amounts in there. And it was just a Chase glitch it seems, not hacking.

Chase glitch

“We’re still investigating now, but at this point believe it was extremely limited in scope,” Trish Wexler, a spokeswoman for JPMorgan told Bloomberg. Wexler said the bank knows of no unauthorized transactions, but would work with customers to resolve any problems.

The issues started last night. Some people noticed that they were given full access to other accounts when logging in. Chase customers began turning to Reddit and other social media websites with complaints about the log-in issue. Even though Chase claims that no unauthorized transactions were made, that’s hard to believe. In fact there’s already reports where transfers were initiated on some accounts.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

There’s still no word of what caused this Chase glitch, but definitely check your accounts for any suspicious activity. Chase says that whatever it was, has already been resolved. It’s scary if someone was able to get in. Even if your money is still there, strangers were given access to your info. Chase will work with you if money is missing, but it sounds like a major headache.

I checked my account and everything is in order. At least my money is still there, but I’ll never know if someone accessed it. Let me know if you were affected by this.

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  1. I thought I was going crazy when I saw it last night. I logged in saw some weird name then logged out. logged back in and saw my account. I thought maybe I read it wrong.

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