Activate Chase Freedom Bonus Categories for Q3 2018

You can now activate your Q3 bonus categories for Chase Freedom. The last day to activate them is September 14, 2018, but it’s better to do it now so you do not forget.

Chase Freedom Bonus Categories

Chase Freedom Bonus Categories Q3 2018

The categories for the third quarter of 2018 have now been made public, although they’re not yet available in the Chase website.

  • Gas Stations such as Shell, Chevron, 76, Sunoco, Exxon and more.
  • Lyft  – Turn rides into 5% cash back when you use your Chase Freedom® card with Lyft.
  • Walgreens – Use your Chase Freedom card when you shop at Walgreens and

You will earn 5X in the third quarter of 2018, up to $1,500 in combined purchases, from July 1st until September 31 2018. You can activate here, or log in online.

$150 Signup Bonus

If you don’t have the card, you can sign up and earn a $150 bonus (my referral) cash back when you spend $500 within the first three months. You can also convert other Chase cards to this one, if you want to have it but don’t really want to apply for a new card. This might be the best route, as you can apply for better bonuses.

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