Chase Cards Are Now Available for US Citizens and Green Card Holders Only

Chase Cards Are Now Available for US Citizens and Green Card Holders Only

Update: Chase Backtracks on New SSN Requirement for Credit Card Applications

Recently there have been some data points showing applicants being declined for Chase credit cards because their Social Security Number (SSN) is “Valid for work only with DHS Authorization”. Now a redditor reports that this seems to actually be a new policy that was introduced 15 days ago. He was declined for that same reason and a Chase representative explained that this is a recent policy change.

US citizens and Green Card holders are usually the only ones eligible for for a a non-restricted SSN. So it looks like if you do not fall under those categories, you will not be able to apply for any new Chase credit cards. I haven’t seen any data points showing this affecting any current Chase cardholders who are not citizens or Green Card holders.

Let me know if you gave been declined for the same reason when applying for a Chase card.

4 thoughts on “Chase Cards Are Now Available for US Citizens and Green Card Holders Only

  1. Mikel – I am a 30 year old guy from Melbourne, Australia. I study computer science. I am interested in computing, movies, music, fitness, language, travel, science, and politics.
    Mikel says:

    Denied because of this. I am a citizen, but can’t get a new social security card because the Social Security Administration is closed due to COVID. Chase is unwilling to look at my passport or certificate of naturalization, which would actually prove that they’re trying to check.

    • DDG – Based in NYC. Points/miles enthusiast for years and actively writing about it for the last two years at Danny the Deal Guru. I'm always looking out for deals. Making a few bucks is always nice, but the traveling is by far the best part of this business.
      DDG says:

      It is terrible timing from chase with this change. I have seen several reports of this where people that should qualify are unable to get approved because of office closures. Let me know if you’re able to make it work somehow.

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