Chase Backtracks on New SSN Requirement for Credit Card Applications

Chase Backtracks on New SSN Requirement for Credit Card Applications

I wrote earlier this month about a rule change for new Chase credit card applications. The issuer started declining applications for people with a Social Security Number (SSN) that’s “Valid for work only with DHS Authorization”. If a person was applying with one of these SSNs, they would be automatically denied for Chase cards.

The change was obviously a negative development for those impacted, since they could no longer get any new Chase cards. Current cardholders weren’t affected as far as I know. But the timing was also terrible from Chase, because this affected even people that would be eligible, but never applied for a new social security card. Doing so now it’s difficult or impossible because offices are closed due to COVID-19. And Chase wasn’t accepting any other documents to prove eligibility.

But now they have backtracked these changes. A data point on reddit says that according to two associates at Chase lending services, this was changed back on August 20, 2020. So applicants with Social Security Numbers that are “Valid for work only with DHS Authorization” can now be approved again. Obviously other restrictions still apply such as Chase 5/24 and other lending requirements. But if you were affected by this change you can once again get Chase cards, and if you were denied previously, call Chase recon line and get your application pushed through.

Guru’s Wrap-up

It’s good to see Chase roll back this change. If you were planning on applying, it’s better to do so as soon as possible. If you already applied while the restriction was in place, call the recon line and you should be able to get your application through. We might see this rule put back in place again, so don’t delay your application.

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