Chase and Wells Fargo Collect Voiceprints During Calls

Have you ever called a bank and heard “this call may be monitored for quality assurance purposes” before talking to a bank rep? So you already know that your bank is recording you, but you probably think that is just for service quality as the disclaimer says. Well, Chase and Wells Fargo are storing your biometric data too.

The two are quietly recording the biometric details of some callers’ voices to weed out fraud. The technology, sometimes called voiceprinting, is aimed at bad guys rather than legitimate customers, but legal and privacy experts alike still have reservations about the practice.

Chase spokesperson Patricia Wexler said the company was “exploring many types of biometric authentication.” Wells Fargo spokeswoman Natalie M. Brown said that “sharing any information about our fraud prevention measures would jeopardize their effectiveness.” Both declined to directly comment on whether their institutions voiceprint.

More banks will add the security feature soon. (read more at Slate)

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