Cardless Will Launch LATAM Airlines Credit Card in North America

Cardless LATAM Airlines Credit Card

Cardless LATAM Airlines Credit Card

San Francisco-based financial technology firm, Cardless, already issues several credit cards in partnership with sports teams. They have the Man United card, Boston Celtics, New Orleans Pelicans and more. Now Cardless is partnering with LATAM Airlines Group to create, distribute and market a new co-branded United States credit card program for avid American travelers. Specific benefits of the new LATAM Airlines Credit Card program, along with availability for applications, will be announced later this year.

Cardless cards offer a number of features designed for digital native consumers, both in terms of security and easy access. New users will easily be able to apply for a Cardless card using their smartphone, and the virtual card will be delivered to their mobile wallet in seconds. The physical card will carry no card number, in order to protect the user from fraud – should the digital-only number become compromised, users will be able to receive a new number through the Cardless mobile app.

LATAM Group currently offers travelers the opportunity to join LATAM Pass, one of the largest airline loyalty programs in the world with over 40 million members to date. LATAM Pass members can join the waitlist to become one of the first to apply for the LATAM Cardless credit card program.

To join the waitlist today, please visit: But Cardless also has a referral program, so it’s probably worth waiting until referrals to the new card become an option, if a friend or family member can refer you.

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