Capital One Travel Will Soon Let You Cancel Flights for a Fee

Capital One Travel Cancel Flights

Capital One Travel Will Soon Let You Cancel Flights for a Fee

Capital One has made a few announcements today. First there’s an end date for the big Venture X bonus, so if you plan on getting the card, you should do so now. Capital One has also added Virgin Red as a new transfer option, and launched some new transfer bonuses.

Capital One now is also introducing a new feature to its recently relaunched Capital One Travel portal. Cardholders booking through the platform will be able to buy an option to cancel flights for any reason. This enables them to get back the majority of the ticket cost, between 70% and 90% of what you paid. 

This new feature will become available over the next few weeks. Capital One says it will be “a small upfront fee”. The fee will vary and is “dynamically priced based on a number of factors”. Some of those factors are how far in advance you book a flight, the route of the flight and the date of departure.

Once you pay it, you can cancel up to 24 hours before your first scheduled departure. Canceling only takes a few clicks, with no questions asked. Ongoing unpredictability has underscored the need for customers to be able to change or cancel their plans at a moment’s notice, with no questions asked.

The amount of the refund will be disclosed before card holders choose to pay for the option, so at least you can make the decision if it’s worth it for you. Eligible cardholders can access Capital One Travel here.

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