Stack Target Deals for 28% Discount, Plus More Promotions

Target had their annual gift card sale today with a 10% discount. Hopefully you grabbed a few already online, and you can also do so in store. Those gift cards can be used starting tomorrow.

big target discounts

Shop at Target (my affiliate link)

A week ago they had another promotion that would give you a 20% of coupon. Those coupons expire on 12/14/2018. What’s interesting about them, is that each can be used twice. The coupon comes with a promo code that can be used at and a bar code that can be scanned and used in store. Each option can be used once.

Both of these deals can be stacked together to give you a discount of 28% on almost anything at Target. That’s 20% off with the coupon first, and then paying the rest with your discounted gift cards that you purchased at 10% off.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

These two deals should give you great discounts, especially if you take advantage of some of their holiday sales. Hopefully you were able to jump on these two promotions. Here’s some other Target deals:

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