Best Buy, Apple Watch Series 2 For $270 Plus Tax With Amex Offer

Yesterday I posted about a great new Amex Offer that can save you 10% at Best Buy. The offer has already reached its limit, so you’re no longer able to add it to your cards, but if you already did so, then you can use it to get a nice discount on Apple watches.

Apple Watch Series 2   Best Buy.png

Best Buy has a Big Deals Day, to go against Amazon Prime Day. They are selling Apple Watch Series 2 38mm for as low asĀ $299.00. With tax added, it should go over $300 in most states, which will trigger the Amex Offer for a $30 statement credit. The 42mm version is selling for $329.00.

This could also be a good opportunity for resellers. They are selling around $370 on Amazon and have a good ranking. You can check what the fees will be with this Amazon Calculator.

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