NYC Getaway At Bear Mountain Inn, $75/Night Plus $20 Dining Credit Per Stay

Groupon has an offer for Bear Mountain Inn, which is just 45 miles north of New York City. Bear Mountain State Park encircles the rustic property, and the lodge stands along the Hudson River with some stunning views.

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Bear Mountain Inn groupon

With this Groupon you can pay as little as $69 per night, or $75 per night with $20 dining credit included for Restaurant 1915. You will get charged tax as well, but you can stack this with the current Groupon promotion for $15 off or more with code OFF. Don’t forget to go through a shopping portal as well for some extra savings. SimplyBestCoupons is offering 8% if you prefer cash, but you can also earn 8X UR points or 10X AA miles. AAdvantage eShopping Mall is also offering 500 bonus miles when you spend $200.

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