Groupon, 30% Off on Local Deals with Code VIP30

Groupon discount

Groupon, 30% Off on Local Deals with Code VIP30

Groupon has a new promotion for the next two day with a discount of 30% on Local deals only. To get the discount you need to purchase an eligible deal, and use promo code VIP30 at checkout. The code is valid for one order per customer. The maximum discount is $25.

You can save even more if you have a Chase credit card. Simply “Opt in” here and you’ll get 10% back on Groupon purchases in the form of Groupon Bucks when you use your Chase credit card. You can add your Chase card to your Groupon account here. You can get up to $50 each month.

Then you can also try a shopping portal for more cashback. RebatesMe offers 10% cashback and iConsumer offers 16.5% total, in cashback and stock.

Guru’s Wrap-up

Let me know if you find any good deals worth purchasing. I would often use Groupon for discounts at restaurants, but that has not been an option for months here in NYC. We do have outdoor dining now, so maybe I’ll take a look.

RebatesMe $40 bonus

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