Amex Now Lets You Cancel Flights for Any Reason, Up to 75% Back

Amex Trip Cancel Guard, How it Works And How Much It Costs

American Express has announced the launch of Trip Cancel Guard, a new benefit for American Express U.S. consumer and business cardholders. It allows travelers to cancel flights for any reason. Trip Cancel Guard offers an optional, simple, valuable benefit for flight cancellation with up to 75% reimbursement of nonrefundable flight costs booked on You just need to cancel your flight at least two calendar days before the departure date. While it’s not an ideal option, Amex Trip Cancel Guard could be useful for specific cases of unforeseen circumstances. 

Now more than ever, travelers want flexible booking options and the added peace of mind that they may be reimbursed if they decide to cancel their flight. While credit cards often have travel insurance, this new benefit from American Express is different as it lets you cancel for any reason. This benefit is also available for itineraries you book with American Express Membership Rewards® points, only through the Pay with Points Program.

Keep in mind that Amex Travel also gives you free 24-hour cancellation. Just call 1-800-297-2977 within 24 hours of booking for a full refund.

How It Works

Add Trip Cancel Guard and get up to 75% reimbursement if you cancel your eligible flight at least two full calendar days before. That means that for a flight departing on May 10th, you can cancel up to 11:59 PM on May 7th.

You can only purchase this benefit at the time of booking the itinerary. You will see the option to add Trip Cancel Guard to your flight after you select your itinerary and confirm travelers’ information. The flight must also cost $300 or more in order to be eligible for this benefit, TPG reports.

Amex Trip Cancel Guard is in effect until you cancel your benefit, submit a request for reimbursement on a canceled flight, or you reach your benefit end date. This benefit applies only before your trip starts and does not offer coverage during your trip or return flight.
If you want to update or change your trip, you must call the Benefit Administrator to determine if your updated itinerary is eligible for the the benefit.
If you get a travel credit or airline voucher for your cancelled trip, Trip Cancel Guard can provide reimbursement once the credit or voucher has expired or is forfeited by its own terms and conditions. 

The purchaser of this benefit may cancel for a full refund of the fees paid for Trip Cancel Guard within fourteen (14) calendar days after the date of purchase.


Trip Cancel Guard is not a free benefit, but more like an added option for Amex cardholders.

Trip Cancel Guard is based on the cost of your flights. You have to pay 8% of the total ticket price. So if you book a $1,000 flight, you can add Trip Cancel Guard for an additional $80. That give you the option to cancel for any reason, up two calendar days before the departure date, and get up to 75% reimbursement.

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