Amex Offers Issues, Limited to One Card?

There’s been talk of some scattered issues with adding Amex Offers to multiple cards. Recently with all the new Amex Offers popping up, this issue seems to be affecting even more people.

Amex Offers Issues

Issues with Amex Offers

Many people are having the same issue. Once an Amex Offer is added to one account, that offer will be removed from the primary cardholder and other authorized user cards that have the same name. It doesn’t make a difference if you have one log in, or separate ones. This happens when the names match exactly, or when there’s many cards with the same social security number. It effectively limits Amex Offers to just one per person.

Work Arounds

There’s really no sure solution for this right now. You can try this link that brings up an ‘autumn offers’ tab (HT: DoC) and it seems like it contains some offers that had disappeared previously.

Another possibility is to use the multiple browser trick. You can open all your credit cards in different tabs and add the offer on all of them.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

This will be a big loss if American Express is actually trying to limit Amex Offers to just one per person, regardless of how many Amex cards you have. Being able to use Amex Offers is an added benefit for every Amex card or authorized user card that a person has. Right now for example there’s plenty of great Amex Offers available.

Let me know if you have encountered this issue and if you have any other suggestions.

2 thoughts on “Amex Offers Issues, Limited to One Card?

  1. I can confirm this is now limited to 1 per SSN so if you have the offer in other cards whether you’re primary or AU, think carefully where you’d like to add it because I found out it can be added to just one account and the offer disappears in the other card(s). Some are saying the workaround is log in to all your accounts using different browsers and/or incognito and add them simultaneously. See if that works to save them in all your accounts with same SSN.

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