American Express is Clawing Back Multiple Amex Offers Again

American Express recently put limits on Amex Offers. They limited you to just one offer per person or maybe two of you were lucky. But some offers are sometimes available on multiple cards, or people used offers before the limits were added. Back in August American Express clawed back points or cashback earned though using the same offer on multiple cards. Now we’re seeing a second wave of credits being clawed back as per this reddit post. This is the email that has been sent out:

amex offers clawback

They are sending out emails to people who used multiple offers informing them that credits will be clawed back. It’s once again focused on the Staples offer.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Looks like American Express will keep enforcing the new rules. I think you should play it safe and just use one Amex Offer per person or maybe two if you have the MR and the statement credit versions. It’s also possible that offers that do not have the “Limit 1 enrolled card per card member across all American Express offer channels” restriction can be used multiple times. But those offers from what I’ve noticed, are not really worth using multiple times.

Did you receive these emails? Let me know in the comments.

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