American Express Clawing Back Multiple Amex Offers

American Express recently put limits on Amex Offers. They limited you to just one offer per person or maybe two of you were lucky. In the last few days some offers became available on multiple cards, so there was some sense of good news.

But it all crashed down quickly. Amex is really aiming to enforce the one per person restriction on Amex Offers.

They are sending out emails to people who used multiple offers informing them that credits will be clawed back.

This might be a big blow to those who have used multiple offers. Staples especially was a great offer so many people I’m sure have used it on a couple of cards.

But their terms do limit you to just one offer per person. For this staples offer the terms stated:

Limit of $100 in total statement credits per American Express® Card Member.

And for all Amex Offers you’ll find the following:

Limit 1 enrolled card per card member across all American Express offer channels.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Looks like American Express is enforcing their rules now so using multiple offers is no longer worth it even if you’re able to lead them.

Did you receive these emails? Let me know for which offers.

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12 thoughts on “American Express Clawing Back Multiple Amex Offers

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  4. I’m hoping this is a crack down specifically on those who have created multiple AU cards for the same primary card member/same ss# and not for legitimately different individuals (like employees). That would make perfect sense. It’s definitely an abuse of their stated rules if you’re using yourself as an authorized card holder to take advantage of their offers whereas “one offer per card member” could still easily and justifiably be interpreted as valid AU cards being eligible. But I guess we’ll see…

    • That would be more acceptable compared to just clawing back credit for everyone. Let’s hope it is, although I doubt it.

      • Just received another series of emails from AMEX, this time regarding the Bed, Bath and Beyond offer I attached to each of my cards, reminding me to use the offers before they expire. I think AMEX needs to get together with itself and figure out exactly where they stand on this thing. If they are serious about this “one offer per cardholder” thing, I think in the legal world these reminder emails might be termed as “enticement” or maybe “entrapment”? lol.

  5. That’s a shitty move from amex. How about just not letting people load the offers? If I have it in my card then I obviously assume I can use it. They are going to have many unhappy customers with this. We should all complain and maybe they can reverse these charges. At least for those who have already made purchases.

    We’re not stealing from Amex.

  6. Really sad that you so breezily accepted Amex’s ex post facto explanation. Neutral observer could recognize there’s a lot of room for interpretation in what they meant by “one per card member.” (Never mind Amex’s past practice of not only offering the same award on multiple cards, then permitting them to be downloaded, and then paid, across multiple, different card products, you now accept their apparent re-definition of what they meant by one card member. Very New York City, “the corporation is always right,” attitude. Hadn’t realized til now that you apparently have a financial relationship with AMEX.

    • There’s definitely many interpretations but amex could go with their own and I would think it would fit with the way it’s written. But yes there’s many other interpretations as the ones you mention. Typed it up on my phone though so didn’t go into too much depth and analysis.

    • Missed that last part. I do not have a financial relationship with Amex. I only have my personal referrals like everyone else.

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