How to get off the AMEX Black List

If you can’t get any AMEX cards whatsoever then you’re probably on the AMEX Black List. It’s not an official list, but it sure exists. Miles to Memories has a great article explaining what it is and how to get off it.

AMEX Black List

Getting on it is not that easy. It usually happens when you default on a loan with them or sure them for some reason. You’ll know that you are on the list if you are always turned down for new Amex cards, and they will not even run your credit.

In order to get off that list, you really don’t have many options. If you were blacklisted because of defaulting an a debt with American Express, then paying down that balance should help. Otherwise your only option is to wait it out. But don’t hold your breath. It could take somewhere between 10-30 years.

Yes, that long. So, be careful with American Express. They have lots of credit cards, both personal and business versions, and they usually offer juicy bonuses. Without them it gets much harder to be in the miles and points game.

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