Amex Amazon Business Prime Card Spending Bonus

American Express is sending out a spending offer to some Amazon Business Prime cardholders. The offer is targeted.

Amex Amazon Business Prime Card Spending Bonus


Earn a $100 statement credit after you enroll your Card and use it to make $3,000 in total eligible purchases by 9/9/2019. The offer is for non-Amazon purchases.

Offer Terms

  • Must be completed by 9/9/2019.
  • Eligible purchases for this offer do not include purchases made at or other designated Amazon properties.

Guru’s Wrap-up

This is the first time I believe we see an Amex Amazon Business Prime Card spending bonus. A great offer for those who have the card. You need to make purchases outside of Amazon in order to get the $100 statement credit. The card earns 2% at restaurants and gas stations so with the extra 3.3% you can get an awesome rate at these merchants. Could come in handy for gift card deals such as this one at Speedway.

The card currently has a $100 signup bonus but we’ve seen $150 in the past.

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