Amex $25 Authorized User Bonus, Check If You’re Targeted

American Express is offering a new round of bonuses for adding authorized users. Add an Additional Cad and you can earn a $25 statement credit after you Additional Card Members spend $250 in purchases in the following 3 months on their Cards. Check your accounts to see if you’re targeted, or log in here.

Authorized User Bonus

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Additional Amex cards are great for Amex offers as you can load them to each card separately and get credits multiple times. However keep in mind that you need to a SSN to add extra cards and they will show up on the authorized user’s credit report. It’s not a good idea to add someone who’s trying to stay under the 5/24 limit.

If you don’t have any family members to add, you can add yourself as an authorized user.

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