American Express Finally Lets You See More Than 100 Amex Offers

American Express Finally Lets You See More Than 100 Amex Offers

Amex Offers are a great added benefit for all American Express cards. We usually see new offers come out every few days. You can see a full list of all the Amex Offers here. But there has been one issue when your card has too many offers. Until now you could only see up to 100 available offers or 100 added offers to a specific card. Offers are still added to a card even when you go over 100, but it is just frustrating if you’re not able to see them to make sure the card has a specific offer.

But now American Express seems to have fixed this issue, at least for offers added to a card. American Express will finally show you all the offers that have been added, as seen below. I have a total of 119 on my Amex Platinum card. I counted them, and yes I can see all 119 of them.

I can’t check if the same is true for available offers, but I would suspect that it is. The image above is for my account on a desktop. On mobile, it shows the total number of offers added to the card, but when I tap the ‘Added to Card’ tab, it only shows 100 offers. Hopefully it gets fixed on mobile as well.

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