American Airlines Enhances Five Star Service with Private Entrance & Screening Plus Helicopter Rides to Airport

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American Airlines has partnered with a company called Blade to offer an pretty incredible service to passenger traveling through Los Angeles (LAX) and New York (JFK). The new perks are an expansion of the exclusive Five Star Service options for its top customers.

American Airlines Enhances Five Star Service

Customers in the Los Angeles or the New York areas can skip the traffic and get to the airport faster with a private helicopter transfer from Blade. When traveling with Blade, customers will be picked up in the city at a destination of their choice and flown to LAX or JFK where they’ll be greeted by an American Airlines team member and escorted via Cadillac to Flagship First Check-In. After clearing security, customers can spend their extra time relaxing or working in the Admirals Club, Flagship Lounge or Flagship First Dining before their flight. Blade service is also available for arriving customers.

Blade transfer service will be available to all customers who book a private transfer through the Blade app. The service is open to anyone flying American Airlines, not just those in premium cabins. But if you’re willing to pay for Five Star Service then you likely are flying in a premium cabin anyway. The Private Suite service will be available for customers traveling in premium cabins and can be booked by calling the Five Star Service team. To learn more about Five Star Service, including pricing, visit

So now let’s take a look at the prices. If you’re in New York, you would pay $695 for the helicopter ride from downtown Manhattan to JFK. If you can find more people to accompany you, they might only pay $195. LAX could be slightly less. You actually have to find five more people for them to get the lower price, because the deal is only for full choppers. As for avoiding all the security by booking the Five Star Service, that will set you back $350 more.

TYou can read the press release here.

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