Amazon, Get $10/$20 Credit When You Add a Debit/Credit Card

amazon $10 debit card

Amazon, Get $10/$20 Credit When You Add a Credit Card

Amazon has a targeted promotion, offering some customers a $10 or $20 credit for adding a credit card to their account. This targeted offer shows up when checking your cart. This offer is available only to customers who were served an advertisement or received an email for an “Add-a-Card” promotion and only applies if you add a valid, non-expired qualifying credit card or debit card to your Amazon Wallet. You can see the full details of the offer here.

To claim the promotional credit, complete the following actions:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Click the ‘Add a Card’ widget from the advertisement and enter your credit card or debit card details.
  3. Upon successful registration of your card, the credit will be applied to your account.
  4. To redeem the credit, make subsequent eligible purchase(s) using any valid payment method.

Similar to the offer that we saw for adding a debit card only.

Guru’s Wrap-up

An easy $10 or $20 if you are targeted. We have also seen offers for adding a Mastercard or American Express credit card. Those promotions are also targeted. Let me know if you are targeted.


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One thought on “Amazon, Get $10/$20 Credit When You Add a Debit/Credit Card

  1. This is a scam!! Amazing to see Amazon stoop this low. They bait you with “You can get $25 off this order” — so I added a card and it says “Unfortunately this card does not qualify for the $25 discount”. THEN they tell you it’s only good if you got an email offer. THEN WHY DO THEY BAIT YOU LIKE THIS!. I expect better than this from Amazon. You should warn people about this.

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